Specialization, 32, Center For Social Work - Community Development Research & Consultancy
Center for Social Work - Community
Development Research and Consultancy


  |   Viết bởi : Center For Social Work - Community Development Research & Consultancy




- Social work and community development/organizational development, project management.

- Social Security

- Environment/climate change

- Sociology

Lawyers in the network of lawyers (regarding labor law, labor relations, residence law, social insurance, social security...)

- Members of the Mnet network (regarding formal and migrant workers, social security, and health,...)

- Experts in environment, agriculture, health,...

- Experts in professional social work clubs (in the fields of education, children, social work and community development...)

- Lecturer on socialization and social work at universities. Pedagogy, University of Social Sciences & Humanities, University.RMIT, College of Economics, Central Women's Academy 2…



- Training

- Qualitative and quantitative research (Survey, project evaluation, story writing, photovoice, co-research)

- Participatory planning, project monitoring and evaluation

- Project management and coordination in the community

- Participatory teamwork, focusing on beneficiaries

- Communication (writing news, taking photos, photovoice ...)

- Workshops

- Working with the network

- Write project proposal

- Research

- Training

- Workshops