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Center for Social Work - Community
Development Research and Consultancy


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  1. Training:
  • Child Right and Gender Issues.
  • Social Work and Community Development.
  • Life Skills.
  • Community-based Environment Management.
  1. Consultancy:
  • Project Orientation, Planning, Enhancement and Development in the field of Climate Change, Social Work and Community Development.
  1. Research:
  • Social problems, education, and sexuality.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of social and economic development programs and projects.
  1. Implementation and Management of Development Project:
  • Migrant labor, Reproductive health, Livelihoods;
  • Environment;
  • Capacity building for social workers, etc.
  1. Resource Center for References:
  • A library with more than 2,000 books and magazines.
  • Publications: Books and Training Manuals.